Gourmet Events

900x900_gourmeteventsWhat are?
These are events with the quality stamp GeoPT and are intended to become a national reference in the events calendar.
Regularly, or ideally every month, we intend to organize a district event that is different and memorable for all the participants. We want to show the best of regional products and food, including different and innovative activities and also take participants to places that would hardly go alone or without proper material and knowledge.

Who organize this events?
All interested geocachers have the opportunity to organize a Gourmet Event! Just need a good idea and motivation to organize an event within the Gourmet parameters. Simply submit your proposal to GeoPt and from there anything can happen! The GeoPT will support what is needed to make the magic happen.
Above all, it is intended with those, that we have quality events again in the national geocaching calendar, which are the reference of the best that can be organized in Portugal, bringing geocachers from all over the country to participate in this experience. You don’t need to think like a mega event, but as an experience sharing event, community, dissemination of the region and exhibition of regional products and food.